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– Posted on 04.04. 2021, 23:32
Written by Vincent B.

La Rdac en Vrac returns Sunday with this new edition. For those of you who don’t know this, remember this is the Sunday section where every site editor gave you their personal point of view in the past week. Heart murmur, rant, popular media, and even personal story, there is a fragility, no tongue in the cheek! Here is Issue 311, covering the week from March 29 to April 4, 2021. Don’t forget to share your private opinions with the entire community on this news week!

Vincent / Unisocadante

    Favorite of the week

  • Once again, I have a huge crush on the accessories that work on Xbox. The different proof Advertisements and presentations From Twitch ID @ Xbox show. There were a lot of games on offer, not to mention more games coming to Game Pass. In short, Microsoft spoils its service, highlighting the independents We Are Away From Don Matric Speeches at the Beginning of the Xbox One Era

  • Nothing to report this week.
    They are a tale

  • I really don’t want to get into this section, but you must have noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent this week. In fact, I went to see my dad on Monday at Haut-Lvque CHU, he was out of recovery after a month and a few days. With my mother, they brought her her bag, Madeleine, cookies, DVD, etc. In short, we came home happy to see how well he had recovered. On Tuesday morning, 8:30 a.m., we learned that he had died of cardiac arrest overnight. The horror began and we are still swimming in it, especially in the face of such a mystery, since the doctors themselves did not understand what would have happened.
    Another favorite mdia

  • Even if I let go of the Arno (Moshi) Motorcycle Tests, especially for lack of time, I am glad to see it. turn You will finally incorporate real fall management. It’s been so frustrating in all of the previous games to have an automatic comeback that breaks all L-side immersions, we can fall, we’ll be dazed and we’ll have to run up to his bike, get up on it and get back on the saddle before starting again in the race. finally ! you do not believe me ? Guide Live.

Patrick / Linoldbeek

    Favorite of the week

  • It’s not a real heartbeat (as often) but a small support letter CD Projekt: Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 went out. It seems to improve a lot of things. I am also pleased to be able to see the roadmap and announcements for the studio. We’ll see what it is like in a few years, if running multiple AAAs in parallel really works (which means, if it turns out well and quality). Let’s check it well, they messed up the console releases, the title should never have been launched on older generation consoles. But they do a good follow-up (and they’re still happy because they have an obligation to!). I can’t wait to see the next patches, especially the XSX patch. Let’s be clear, I’m not going to spend a single cent on Cyberpunk 2077 until it’s fully completed on console, which means probably at the end of the year, but I hope the Polish gauntlet’s dirty storm is over. So.

  • Stop games with the gold bleed, right? The Suggested addresses Uninteresting and far from being able to compete with the titles featured on PSN + in particular. Of course, Microsoft emphasizes the Game Pass offering and this offering is amazing, but it shows up quite a lot. I think they need to change GwG’s show, make it disappear, make it evolve, but presenting titles like this every month seems silly to me compared to offering Game Pass.
    They are a tale

  • I finished It Takes Two at Local Collaboration. Small nugget. I really recommend it to you. DJ for his qualities (frenzied and varied movement, level design, combos, mini-games, he’s smart, the barn works great), but also because it’s a small studio offering a title barn, an interesting price, and with famous friend passing by. And also because split cooperation is becoming increasingly rare. In short, take advantage of it! I also buy Outriders (on Game Pass) for XG testing. See you after several days!
    Another favorite mdia

  • He did not deceive me This is the last video It’s No Man’s Sky but the title piques my curiosity. It introduces a new free extension. I find the game to be a true example after a grueling release, and a lot of work by the developers to improve the title. Suddenly, since it’s in Game Pass, I really want to give it a try and see what the expeditions the video talks about look like.

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