Razzie Awards 2022: Worst Feature Film on Netflix, Worst Casting for Jared Leto and LeBron James… 42nd Cycle Winners – Actus Ciné

Like every year before the Academy Awards, the Razzie Awards reward the worst films. Discover the unfortunate winners of the 2022 edition!

The Razzie Awards, which reward the worst film production every year, gave their verdict on the 2022 edition, the 42nd in history!

As usual, the big winners of the Golden Raspberry Awards were revealed the day before the Oscars. This will be held on March 27th.

This year, the organizers weren’t kind to Diana, the musical, a feature film available on Netflix. The Broadway premiere of this show based on Diana Spencer’s life has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So it was held on Netflix on October 1, 2021. The least we can say is that the show didn’t satisfy Al Razi. Cited in 9 categories, Diana, the musical was dropped by critics. It was performed only 33 times on Broadway before it was pulled off the bill.

The Golden Raspberries did not fail to drive the point home, rewarding the work with 5 awards: Worst Film, Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Role for a Woman, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director.

Space Jam 2 also paid for this 42nd party, winning 3 berries: Worst LeBron James Actor, Worst Remake and Worst On-Screen Couple.

New in size this year, Bruce Willis had an entire class dedicated just to him! It has to be said that the actor has outdone himself in the year 2021, giving us several nairas in which he performs in minor ways. He was finally crowned Worst Actor for his performance in Cosmic Sin, available on Prime Video.

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The ceremony also awarded a Redemption Award to Will Smith for his role in The Williams Method. The previous Man in Black movie was also nominated for an Academy Award for this feature film that centers on the father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. The actor had already won 4 Razzies for Worst Actor, particularly after Earth.

Last year, Absolute Proof was voted the worst film. Thus, the musical Diana succeeded in producing this documentary dedicated to the cyber attacks that are supposed to have a potential impact on the US presidential election in 2020.

The full winners of the 2022 RAZZIE Awards

worst movie

  • Musical Diana (Netflix version)

worst actress

worst actor

  • LeBron James : Space Jam: A New Era

Second worst female role

Worst role for the second man

The worst couple on screen

  • LeBron James and any Warner cartoon character in Space Jam: New Era

worst version

worst manager

worst case scenario

  • Musical Diana, screenplay by Joe DiPetro

Bruce Willis worst performance in the 2021 movie

  • Bruce Willis : cosmic sin

COSMIC SIN Trailer, Available on Main Video

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