Rasmus Nikolaissen’s debts to his teammates, a source of tension in the locker room

According to lesViolets.com and L’Equipe, the Toulouse dressing room has been disrupted in recent weeks due to an affair with defender Rasmus Nikolaissen. An amateur of online games, the Dane was going to borrow 100,000 euros from several members of the club, while not being able to pay it back on time.

On April 14, Rasmus Nikolaysen was not present for the Ligue 1 meeting between Toulouse, his club and OL. Officially, coach Philippe Montagnier brought up a physical issue to justify this absence. But according to information from the teamto confirm those of the specialized site lesViolets.comthe Danish defender was going to be sent off due to tensions in the locker room, over the money story.

A lover of online games, the 26-year-old is said to have borrowed €100,000 from various teammates and staff, in order to cover his debts. Rasmus Nikolaissen found himself unable to repay the donors. Other members of the club, such as Gabriel Suazo so surprised by the situation, would have refused to help the Dane.

After several tensions emerged in the locker room, captains Brecht Degeger and Branko van den Bomen reportedly expressed their general discontent with president Damien Comolli. Many players would threaten not to play if no solution was found. Thus, Nikolaysen would have been dismissed and an advance on salary would have enabled the dispute to be settled. Ado Onaiwu, for example, would have loaned €50,000 to the former Midtjylland player.

Several cases for Toulouse in recent days

Back at Lorient on April 23, Rasmus Nikolaissen was also in the lead for the Coupe de France final on April 29 against Nantes. In 2020-2021, then loaned out to Portsmouth, Rasmus Nikolajsen was sanctioned by the FA for betting 53 matches. The player had to pay a fine of 2,800 euros, while he justified himself by the fact that the rules were different between Denmark and the UK.

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For Toulouse, this is a new situation that must be managed publicly. In recent days, RMC Sport reported that a quarrel broke out between the Moroccan international striker, Zakaria Aboukhalal, and the deputy mayor in charge of sports, Lawrence Aribagi, during the celebrations held at the Capitol the day after the victory in the Coupe de France. Agence France-Presse confirmed the altercation. The player did not appreciate the chosen one’s request to reduce the noise during the speech. Please let him know…in private terms. An internal investigation was opened and Abu was temporarily sidelined.

This past weekend, several Toulouse players refused to wear a flowing rainbow jersey as part of the Day Against Homophobia. Zakaria Abukhalal himself has justified himself on social networks to explain his point of view. In sporting good form since winning the Coupe de France, TFC has had some turbulence, which has tarnished this beautiful period a bit.

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