Raphael Lissard’s season is in danger

There are days that are better than othersLesard has been released from the start of his stay in Morrisville, North Carolina. Now is the time. We are right there. If I can’t find help, I can’t continue.

The confession is sincere. Even rude to this talented driver who clings to an increasingly small hope of racing on the circuits of the NASCAR Series.

I still believe in it, but it’s not easy. The epidemic is not really helping usHe said he is aware of the huge mission ahead for those who must find him the money to keep his wheel with Team GMS Racing.

Raphaël Lessard competed in the first four races of the 2021 season, and finished third on Monday at the mud track in Bristol. But his clan has to pay the team about $ 200,000 a month to keep his place.

I cannot reveal any numbers due to confidentiality agreements, but they are not yet hypothetical. We signed all the races at the start of the season and had to work hard to find the necessary partners. In my opinion, I’ll be there for the next race (April 17th), but for the others, we need help to finish the season. It is time. If anyone wants to help me then now is the best time.

Since the fall, Raphaël Lessard has no longer received financial support from a group of Quebec investors who formed a limited partnership in 2016 to help him climb the ladder to the first division of the NASCAR series. A disagreement between his entourage and the group ended their association.

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But the young pilot does not go through four ways to show his admiration for these people to whom he humbly reaches out by naming almost all of them, realizing that the situation is delicate.

I don’t feel cold with them. These investors, I cannot thank them enough for what they were doing from the start. It is their decision and I cannot change it. We work hard on our part to find help from others, but possibly from them as well. The door is not closed. If it weren’t for COVID, I think we would have seen them a lot more racing.

Raphael Leisard insists that despite his financial troubles, his relationships with GMS Racing are excellent.

There is no pressure and the team really appreciates me. They listen to me and trust me. I got a lot better thanks to GMS Racing, and couldn’t ask for better. But if I don’t get help, my career in the United States ends there.

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