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The Quebec team is engaged in a relentless battle for a place in the playoffs, and the Quebec team is preparing to return home for the local matches in Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres on Friday. Patrick Scalabrini’s squad will focus on adding volume, while Trevlovian Rafael Glado agrees to end the season within the club made up of players from the Capitals and the Eagles.

NSLadou, one of the top colors of the Eagles in the Can-Am League two years ago, did not accompany the Quebec team on their long journey of more than two months to the United States, through the markets of the league.

He preferred to stay in Maurice, where he continued to keep fit by playing for Cascades de Chauignegan, in Major League Baseball in Quebec.

The return of the Quebec team to the stadiums of Canac and Quilorama, for 21 domestic matches by the beginning of September, convinced him to join a group that stunned by performing well in a difficult context with the accumulation of hotel nights and bus trips.

“I told myself there was an opportunity to seize it, because I don’t know how many years left to play professional baseball,” said the 26-year-old, who was first contacted by David Glodd to gauge his interest in him. Dressed as Fleur de Lys.

In 34 batting games this summer in the Cascades, Glado slammed 4 hurdles and 6 doubles, maintaining an excellent batting average of 0.500. Its average strength and presence on the trails combined is 1,555!

“It has been almost two years since I played at Trois-Rivieres in front of an audience and I miss that. It would also be great to play in Quebec with the fans at my side, because the atmosphere is always good. In addition, the club is competitive.”

Honest…and helpful!

Head coach Scalabrini welcomes his new player with joy. We could also see an all-encompassing Quebec stadium, next weekend in Quebec, with Glado, Jonathan Lacroix and Louis-Philippe Pelletier.

“I have no doubt that Glado could become one of the best hitters in the league. Not only can he do that, he is eager to join us. I like his honesty from the start: he wasn’t interested in playing exclusively in the United States, and in principle we couldn’t From ensuring he got a job when we got back, out of loyalty to men.”

However, injuries and the departure of some players opened the door for Glado, who is now motivating him to finish the season.

“Like us, he wants to win and finish first in the division and win the championship.”

Glado will be the seventh player from Quebec to join the Quebec team. The others are David Gloud, Louis-Philippe Pelletier and Jonathan Lacroix as well as shooters Miguel Cienfuegos, David Gautier and Vincent Ruel.

The Quebec team’s first matches in Trois-Rivieres are scheduled from Tuesday 3 August to Thursday 5 August.

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