Ramstein reveals an original path…in space

metal in space? Rammstein did. The famous German band has previewed a song from their upcoming album by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is still aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

It was the drummer of the group, Christoph Schneider, who reached out to him The current captain of the International Space Station To share this new song with him. On his Instagram, he lists this unforgettable moment for him:

“I felt like fulfilling my childhood dream: talking to someone who lives in the sky, sharing a glimpse of their vision, realizing once again how small we are compared to the depth of the universe…He was the first to listen to one of our new songs from the next album. It was the premiere in Heaven, which is It’s an honor for us “.

Ramstein isn’t the first group to have one of their songs played by Thomas Pesquet aboard the International Space Station. Last May, Coldplay presented their single “A Higher Power” to the astronaut.

The song, shared by Christoph Schneider, may be part of the album, which was confirmed in February of this year. A project was undertaken during the pandemic, when the 2020 big tour was cancelled. The band’s keyboardist Christian “Flick” Lorenz explained into a microphone Motor.de realization: “Le fait que chose nous n’ayons pas pu jouer en live an accru notre créativité. Nous avons eu plus de temps pour penser à de nouvelless et moins de distractions. En conséquence, nous avons enregistré un album que nous n’vions pas to do.”

At the moment, an official release date for the project has not been revealed.

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