Raise your voice in the United States after spying on Democrats elected under Trump

Washington | Democrats and freedom fighters have strongly criticized the Donald Trump administration’s seizure of data from elected officials in the United States and called for reform of the executive’s “spy forces.”

Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Schwall recently told Apple that in 2017 and 2018 the judiciary requested that some of their data be leaked as part of an investigation.

Members of the House of Representatives’ investigative team were both suspected of having been in contact with the media about the most important investigation into suspicions of an alliance between Moscow and Donald Trump’s entourage, which at the beginning of the period poisoned all of the Republican president.

In the United States, leaking confidential information is illegal and federal prosecutors can issue search warrants to find the source, but to date, it appears that lawmakers have never targeted this.

Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer summoned former justice ministers Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr to explain themselves to the upper house’s justice committee.

The Inspector General of the Judiciary, for his part, announced an inquiry into “the use of summons and other legal means to obtain communication information from members of Congress, their relatives and the media.”

“A stick”

The case is even more heated because prosecutors have targeted two collaborators and family members, including a minor, to verify that they did not borrow phones to contact journalists.

The information sent did not eventually confirm their suspicions, but the investigation was reopened a year later and did not end until the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, with Donald Trump continuing to accuse one of its fiercest opponents, Adam Schiff, of being an author. Leaks.

In addition, the judiciary had issued a notification order on Apple that expired this year, and MPs were unaware of the inquiries until the IT panel informed them last month.

“I would not be surprised to know that this has happened to others,” Eric Schwall commented, condemning the “unacceptable” facts.

Donald Trump “tried to use the ministry as a stick against his political opponents and members of the media” because Adam Schiff reflected his role.

The New York Times, The Washington Post CNN recently revealed that some of their reporters in the judiciary, who have been insidiously fighting to get their emails and phone call reports under Donald Trump, are also in trouble.

“Limits to secrecy”

Democrat Sen. Ron Whiden commented, “These cases prove that the supervisory powers of the Department of Justice can be abused and that restrictions should be placed on secrecy to prevent spies from knowing.”

“This is what happens when important and secret spy forces are left to the discretion of the executive: they are inevitably abused for political purposes,” said Patrick Dumi of the ACLU, a powerful civil rights organization. “Our laws must prevent that.”

Republican and Democratic governments have all tried to find evidence against journalists in the past. After a scandal in 2013, the Barack Obama administration created new rules and imposed a green light from senior judicial officials, without abandoning any decree practice against journalists.

Last week, Joe Biden’s government made a commitment. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki explained: “It is not in the president’s political will to invite journalists to inquire into political leaks.”

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