Rainbow Six Siege Developers Explains Next Steps for “Some Hot Issues” Coming Soon

It’s June, which means it’s time for the next Rainbow Six Siege “after the event” report, and some clues as to what developer Ubisoft has in store for FPS games soon. The iteration of the report has now dropped in May on Twitter, and it provides clues to some of the “major issues” it will provide updates on soon, as well as some gameplay changes that will come upon the release date of Rainbow Six. Reaches.

The May post doesn’t tell us what the next update to Ubisoft’s “Top Issues Blog” will examine in detail, but we do have an idea of ​​what topics the studio will explore. First, the developers will come with an update that “explains the next steps” for restoring the MMR — a feature introduced long ago in Year 4 Season 1, that was implemented to “help reduce the long-term impact that cheaters can have on other players’ Seasonal Ranking.” Basically, the mechanic reflects all MMR wins and losses of all players in matches where prohibited cheats were involved in that particular season.

It’s not clear what Ubisoft thinks of next steps in the feature, if that means any changes – significant, minor or otherwise. But it’s a very complex system that involves balancing different factors (like the number of MMR matches to cancel) to get the right result, as you can see in the development post that explains it. So it’s possible that the studio has some tweaks in mind to go further and improve it further.

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Elsewhere, Ubisoft has explanations for next steps on “Blocking data due to cheating” as well as some mysterious “new issues under investigation” that will appear in the upcoming Top Issues blog. Again, there are no details, but it looks like we can expect to learn more when the Y6S2 version launches, which is now set for June 14.

Elsewhere, the studio is highlighting two big gameplay changes coming to the game on this date: fixes for Smoke’s gas pervasiveness and bullet hole visibility. As noted in the Operation North Star test server patch notes, Ubisoft has decided to block line-of-sight through bullet holes in soft surfaces, in order to avoid “unfair gameplay scenarios” for players using them tactically, and to encourage a wide variety of strategic approaches to gameplay. As for Smoke’s gas grenade gadget, the studio reworked it “to prevent poisonous gases from penetrating walls, floors, and ceilings.”

There’s not much to do at the moment, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the weather for this new post from Ubisoft on the top issues if you want to see what you’re aiming to do with these aspects of the game.Shooting. For now, check out our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege agents for some practical advice before the North Star arrives.

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