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The record for the anime Ragnarok based on the manga series Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui was pulled from Netflix last year, find out the release date of Season 2 Episode 1

Viewers responded positively to the musical, which focuses on the conflict between gods and humans and how it ultimately affects the human race. fans We are eagerly awaiting the second season of the anime since the first season aired in June 2021. Has the program received a renewal for the second season?

Ragnarok update log for Netflix Anime Season 2, Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Presentation, Where to Watch Online and Wiki

Is the record for the second season of Ragnarok coming?

Anime fans can rejoice knowing that Record of Ragnarok Season 2 is being actively developed. The sitcom was renewed by Netflix Japan in August 2021, shortly after the massive reception for the first season. In addition, the renewal was announced on the official website of the program.

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Warner Bros. Japan will produce the first season, with Graphicinica providing the animation, and it was revealed in December 2020. Masaki Saito created the characters, Kazuyuki Fudeyasu composed the music, and Masao Kubo directed the anime.

Maximum the Hormone and SymaG perform the opening and closing themes respectively, while Yasuharu Takanashi wrote the music for the programme. The same actors will return for the second season, with Graphicinica and Yumeta serving as producers.

What can we expect from the second season of Ragnarok?

Of the 13 planned wars, humans and gods were involved in three wars in season one. But the season ended abruptly. The next episode will pick up where the last one left off.

There could be a total of three fights in the next season. To prevent the extinction of humanity, humans must win at least seven battles; If they continue at the current rate, it could take three or four seasons.

God Hercules and Jack the Ripper, a serial killer, will face off in game 4. Shiv, the Hindu god of destruction, and Raiden Tamimon, a Japanese sumo wrestler, will face off in the sixth match.

God of Misfortune will face Zerofuku and Budha in the deadly sixth match. Anime creator Masao Kubo said in an interview that he always had people who had never read the manga in mind when he was making the anime, so he confirmed in the interview that the series would be closely followed.

“I made sure that the anime stayed true to the source manga. Like I said before, I tried to exclude aspects of the manga that I wanted to add. I always tried to keep the anime as faithful to the manga as possible.”

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Does The Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 contain a trailer?

The first anime trailer has already been released. An official teaser for the second season of the show was released by Netflix in July of this year. Watch the promotional video below. The new season will begin in 2023, according to the streaming service, although the exact date has yet to be determined.

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