Racist remarks have been discovered in many official British documents

After accusations of racism against the British royal family, it is the government’s turn to clarify its position. The “N word” is found in many official documents.

Racism appears to be frequent in British official spheres. Earlier this week, a catalog of the royal family’s art collection that included more than 40 times the word “nigger” sparked controversy in the UK and beyond its borders. but that is not all.

The poll conducted by the daily newspaper The Independent He reveals that these racist slurs stain many official documents across the channel. A reporter recently referred to two immigration documents, each of which relates to the asylum seeker’s right to remain in the UK. There is the word “Negroid” written in full, which is an offensive term to define morphological characteristics attributed to blacks.

The first concerned the appeals hearing of a 17-year-old, a “Tony clan member” who had fled Somalia for fear of persecution and whose refugee status agreement had been rejected by the Home Office at first instance. Document published in 2005 and updated in 2013, it shows that there are two Tunni groups: the Brava group and the one in the countryside, Torre. The latter is defined as “a Negroid group united with Tony Brava as a vassal”.

Ministry of Labor and Foreign Affairs official website …

In the second document dated 2005, which also deals with the Somali’s right to remain in Britain, one can read about his physical appearance: “Ginger characteristics, especially hair”, notes The Independent.

This racist remark is also the prerogative of other official documents. The British newspaper found this in guidance from the Ministry of Work and Pensions for doctors who evaluate benefit claimants, in a report issued by the British National Meteorological Service, the Met Office, on the impact of solar radiation on human health, on the website of the British Foreign Office or on the official website of the government.

on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Comment – In an article about the former UK ambassador’s visit to Somalia in 2012 – he used the term Negroid. He also described the Somalis as “a very cunning and greedy people” and said that Somalia must be “saved from itself”. Unmodified comment until notification alert for its presence.

In-depth investigation requests

Since these discoveries, the criticism of a large number of politicians or activists has multiplied. Demands for in-depth investigations into the existence of the “n” word in government documents are becoming more urgent. This request was made privately by the Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Race, Kim Johnson, to the Cabinet Office Minister, Jeremy Cowen.

“It is absolutely outrageous that such language is still used in official government documents,” the letter said.

in Forum posted in The IndependentAnd She suspects that this is only “the tip of the iceberg”. She adds, “This language goes far beyond abuse. It exposes the impact of generations of inhumane government policies, used in decisions that can have a devastating impact on the lives of black people and ethnic minorities in this country.”

Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson had denounced the existence of the “N-word” as “inappropriate and offensive” from the first revelations. The Independent At the beginning of July. But Downing Street rejected the inquiries, saying it was “confident” the word no longer appears in any document. Missing.

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