Race to Downing Street in United Kingdom: Sunak widens gap, cancels debate on Tuesday

Diplomat chief Liz Truss, who was deemed hopeless during the first debate on Friday, set the tone on Sunday evening by attacking her former colleague in government, Rishi Sunak, from his first speeches, accusing him of leading the country.Depression“By raising taxes while he was in charge of the finances.

Former Defense Secretary Benny Mordant hit out at the ex-Chancellor’s Department on the issue, when he suggested borrowing to deal with a cost-of-living crisis strangling British households, with inflation at 9.1% in May.

Even (former opposition leader) Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t have gone that far!

That is socialism“Rishi Sunak shot back.”Even (former opposition leader) Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t have gone that far!“, he began, thus withdrawing a qualification that had been attached to him by a Boris Johnson loyalist.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have been at loggerheads since the start of the campaign. The 46-year-old candidate is a darling of the Johnson camp, which believes Rishi Sunak is biding his time for months before stepping down on July 4, triggering the prime minister’s downfall. Rishi Sunak’s followers deny it.

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