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“If we are in the majority today it is thanks to ‘pivot’ constituencies and if we are going to lose a majority it is because of ‘pivot’ constituencies.” Lost in advance. We are ten days away from August break and what have we done for women since the lockdown was lifted ru vs. valley ? nothing. »

Nancy Mays, Republican of South Carolina, predicted the end of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives after passing an amendment to the annual military expenditures and programs bill aimed at eliminating the Pentagon’s aid policies for soldiers who must travel within the United States. to get an abortion. Mays herself agreed to this amendment, which was wanted by the more conservative members of the Republican group, even if, in her opinion, her vote might cost her seat.

Note: The bill contains other amendments that address cultural issues dear to ultra-conservatives. These limit transgender sponsorship of members of the armed forces and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. The text has no chance of being adopted as such by the Senate. A compromise must be negotiated. Negotiations can be difficult. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced on Friday that fellow Georgian extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene will be among the House negotiators. This dynamic, in which the radical minority of the Republican group imposes its will, could lead the federal state to paralysis this fall during the adoption of state finance laws.

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