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” the reason [le président chinois] I got so angry when I dropped that balloon full of spy gear that he didn’t know [que cet engin] he was there. It’s very embarrassing for dictators when they don’t know what happened. when [le ballon] was shot [Xi Jinping] He found himself so embarrassed that he denied it [l’aéronef] he was there. »

Joe BidenThe President of the United States ranked his Chinese counterpart among the autocrats Monday evening during a reception in California with the donors of the Democratic Party, in the presence of journalists. His remarks came the day after a meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Chinese president, a meeting aimed at easing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Note: According to the spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, Mao Ning, the US president’s announcement is not just ‘Open political provocation’. It is really absurd, extremely irresponsible, does not reflect reality, contradicts diplomatic practices and seriously damages China’s political dignity. »

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