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An objective and honest assessment of this information should have caused the FBI to question not only the rationale for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, but also to question whether the FBI was being manipulated for political or other purposes. Unfortunately, This was not the case. […] The speed and manner in which the FBI opened and investigated the hurricane of shootouts during the presidential campaign, based on raw, unanalysed, unverified intelligence, also reflects a marked difference from the way it handled previous cases. which involved possible attempts to interfere in a foreign election targeting the Clinton campaign. »

John DurhamThe special prosecutor appointed in May 2019 by United States Attorney General William Barr concluded in a 316-page report published Monday that the FBI should not have launched an investigation into possible links between Donald Trump and Russia in August 2016.

Note: The FBI made this decision based on information provided by an Australian diplomat that a Trump campaign aide appeared to have known in advance that Russia would release information harmful to the Hillary Clinton campaign. In 2019, the DOJ inspector general concluded that this information, which preceded WikiLeaks’ release of the hacked Democrats’ emails, warranted an investigation.

PPS: According to Donald Trump, Durham’s “crime of the century” investigation will lead to the indictment of several former FBI and CIA officials. However, even if it lasted longer than Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russia case, it has resulted in one guilty plea (in a small case) and two acquittals (in the cases involving Clinton’s side). However, Trump boasted, “Wow! After extensive research, Special Prosecutor John Durham has concluded that the FBI should not have launched the Trump-Russia investigation!” In other words, the American public has been deceived, just as it is now being deceived by those Who do not want to see the greatness of America! »

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PPPS: The Mueller report detailed “many relationships between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.” He laid out how Moscow worked to help Trump win and how his campaign hoped to benefit from foreign intervention. However, Mueller did not find enough evidence to charge any Trump campaign participant with criminal conspiracy with Russia.

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