Quintet for the future of Bleu et Or

George Musito, Younes Sheibani, Dave Guichard, Lionel Vival and Philip Gallant. Remember these names because they are mainly about these five players as Aigles Bleus of Moncton University is betting on achieving the status of Canadian powerhouse in three years, such as York Lions, Ravens, Carleton and Cape Breton Capers.

These five young players are part of a group of twenty recruits who will be joining Bleu et or starting this fall.

Musitu, Chibane and Gallant are strikers, Feval is a midfielder and Guichard plays in the back. If everything was courted by a large number of universities, it would eventually have been the plan proposed by head coach Yunus Boyda that would have convinced them to join the ranks of the Eagles Bleus.

For example, Musitu is impatient to go to work.

“I can’t wait to get started,” he says. I watch what’s happening via the Aigles Bleus Instagram account and it looks good with the latest signatures. I already know a few guys like Malik (Abu Dayh) whom I always call the young talent. We even played together in Ottawa. I also met Younes Shaibani. It was a wonderful meeting. “

Described as a goal-scoring machine, George Mosetto is, like Shebani for that matter, and insists he doesn’t say everything about which player he really is.

“I am more than just a sign,” he assures us.

“I see myself more as a complete player. I play and am generous with the ball. However, I am less generous with my opponents,” he says with a laugh.

Musitu was spoiled for choice, both in Canada and the United States, to start his college studies.

“I got suggestions from everywhere,” he says. However, I wasn’t comfortable playing in the US. The first time I spoke to Younes, I felt something. I’m a Christian so I prayed to ask (God) where he wanted me to go and play.”

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“When I spoke to Younes afterwards, he told me about his vision for the team for the next few years and I liked what I heard. That’s when I told myself I should go to Moncton University. So my decision was easy,” says the empathetic athlete, who can play in all situations. when attacking.

Musitu is convinced that Yunus Boyda will be able to lead the Eagles Bleus to the major leagues within three years.

“Other Canadian universities have no idea what to expect,” he says with humor. Since we will have a very small team, we will start a little in the shadows. But we won’t be there for long.”

“We’ll be young for sure, but age basically doesn’t matter. In football, what really matters is what you do with your feet. I believe in everything Younes has given me and it promises to be exciting,” added the 5-foot-9, 165-pounder bike from Ontario.

Boyda excited

Although he calls for patience, at least until his young players can get to know each other and adapt to the college style of play, Yunus Boyda loves what he sees. He obviously thinks he has the ingredients to make Bleu et or a big club.

“Obviously there will be an adjustment period first,” he warns. Players have to get used to their new environment and level of play. They will get better together.”

“For the first season, the goal above all is to make them a team. So there is a lot of work ahead. But I have great confidence. I have recruited young people with character. All the new faces that will be added to the club want to face adversity. They all share our plan to achieve excellence. Since I’m a coach, no matter what my level is, it’s one of the most talented groups I’ve ever had,” U coach Yunus Boyda, on the other hand, assures him to make clear that the club’s youth should not prevent Bleu et Or from making the playoffs, an achievement that He only managed it once since 2012. In 2018, he got his qualification thanks to the sixth and last place that gave him access to the qualifiers with a modest record of five wins and seven losses. This fall, it won’t be easy for the Capers of Cape Breton, the X-Men of St-François-Xavier, and the Tigers of Dalhousie in front of the Aigles Bleus.

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“Of course we will have to win our place, but we think the program is ready to take a new step. We have never had such depth. With all the talent we have, we will be competitive. We want to send a clear message from next season.

Yunus Boyda is well aware that it will be a long way before he can be considered a Canadian force. It won’t happen overnight. But he firmly believes that the club is in good shape and that a sustainable program is taking hold. To do so, Boyda has local talent, talent from elsewhere in the country, and international talent.

“We see the team as a beautiful mosaic that will reflect what the University of Moncton is. We want a club with a great cultural background that football fans and students alike will love to watch play. We have the chance to play our matches at home in the most beautiful university stadium in the country. How many players can boast of playing? In a stadium that hosted the World Cup? I dream of the day when we will play our domestic matches in front of 2,000 or 3,000 spectators. That is what I want to see,” adds Yunus Boyda.

Really, the good smell started off everything.


Since the brilliant 1993 season, when their star player Louis Cuyo steered the team to second place thanks to a record of seven wins, one loss and three draws, Bleu et Or has only succeeded on four occasions. He has played for 500. this is few. There were 1994 (5-3-3), then 2008 (5-3-5), then 2011 and 2012 with identical coils (6-5-2)…

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Yunus Boueda is expected to announce more signings in the coming weeks. In addition to Georges Mosetto, Younes Chaiban, Dave Guichard, Lionel Vival and Philippe Gallant, the other recruits who have already been confirmed are goalkeepers Ryan Brau and Yannis Morell, and full-backs Maxime Dako, Terry Dgendo, Julian Kiss and Pascal. Sonir, midfielders Malek Abu Dayh, Zachary Loret and Nagy Al-Rubai, as well as forwards Bilal Al-Shabihi, Plamedi Kasongo and Jonathan Casey…

Returning veterans are goalkeepers Andre LeBlanc and Christian Massimengou, defenders Alex Pasque, Zachary Dastos, Abraham Manuel Lavigne and Gershom Mambo and midfielders William Galant, Mohamed Kondo, Thomas Millet and Tousant Mombeli, as well as forwards Maxime Bertrand and Gael Kosin. , Jeremy Impulse, Hereter Massimingo and Felix Robeshod…

Bleu et Or will be able to count on several great players. Over 10 players who are 6 feet 1 inch or more, including Dave Guichard and Zachary Lurette at 6 feet 4 inches and Muhammed Kondo at 6 feet 3 inches…

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