Quimper: a new collaborative space at the Delta Center

Marine Gourlay created Helloworking in Quimper. © Martin de Saint Jean

to me KimberDelta Center is a commercial building located on Boulevard de Créac’h Gwen. Since Monday, hosting A new co-working space called Helloworking.

in 80 AD2On the ground floor we find:

  • Open space (four workstations) with living room and kitchen area,
  • two single offices,
  • Shared office for two,
  • Meeting room for eight people,
  • individual lockers,
  • Print/clone room.

Everything is carefully decorated and furnished to ensure comfort.

Gourlay Navy has invested in comfortable furniture.
Gourlay Navy has invested in comfortable furniture. © Martin DE SAINT-JAN

Maren Gourlay is her first tenant

Initiated by this new venue: Marin Gourlay, Architect. “I’ve worked from home since I arrived here five years ago. I looked for an office abroad, but I didn’t want to be alone and the co-working spaces there didn’t convince me.”

So she made her own, just like what she wanted for herself.

“I wanted it to be cozy, warm, comfortable and well-equipped. We renovated everything from top to bottom, it was a great family adventure!”

Marine Gorlay

Since Monday, April 11, 2022, she has therefore been her first tenant. He already has visits scheduled this week for potential future office colleagues.

At Helloworking, Marine Gourlay also offers a business localization service with mail receiving.

Videos: Currently in Actu

Practical information.Helloworking, Delta Center, 4 rue de Créac’h Gouen in Quimper.www.helloworking-quimper.frExamples of prices: 16€ per day in an open space, 360€ per month for a single furnished office, 50€ per half day in a meeting room, etc.

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