Quidditch to change the name to get away from JK Rowling

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Quidditch will change his name to move away from JK Rowling and his “anti-justice stances” (players from Italy and Belgium compete during the World Championships in Germany in July 2016)

Sports – Quidditch wants a good sip of his Polyjuice potion. The real sport, taken from the epic Harry Potter As he is played in the air on a broomstick, he wants to change himself so as not to be associated with JK Rowling anymore.

The writer, who has imagined the most popular sport in her magical world, is no longer welcome on the field since her “anti-trans” stances, the American Quidditch League and Quidditch League explained in a joint press release.

“Our sport has created a reputation for being one of the most progressive in the world with regard to gender equality and inclusion,” these organizations explained, highlighting the fact that it is specifically forbidden for a seven-player team to have more than four members of the same type.

“For both of our organizations, it seems necessary to live up to this reputation at all levels, and we believe this is a step in the right direction as JK Rowling has been increasingly selected for her anti-trans stances in recent years.”

Teams around the world

Getting rid of the Quidditch name might also go a long way in monetizing the sport. for copyright issues with Warner Studios, who own the rights to the universe Harry PotterAt present, it is almost impossible to negotiate partnerships or television broadcasts of the sport.

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Adapted from the saga, the sport saw the light of day in the real world in 2005 and follows similar rules to books and movies. Two teams of seven players compete for brooms on an oval court with three rings at each end at different heights as goals. To win a match, you have to score the most points or catch a snitch.

The sport is especially popular in the United States at universities such as Berkeley or the University of California, and there are now teams in many countries including Australia, the United Kingdom and France.

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