Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park launches ambitious plan to create a world-class e-sports center

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– A new report HereEast provides a roadmap to accelerate the growth of the e-sports network

This plan aims to leverage the unique assets of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to create a world-class competitive electronic sports center.

LONDON, March 11, 2021 / BRNewswire / – HereEast Technology and Innovation campus is committed to a major new initiative to accelerate the growth of the e-sports (esports) center at QueenElizabeth Olympic Park. A new report released today by Delancey’s HereEast Campus and supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has laid a roadmap for creating a world of world-class esports that will boost job creation and bring in an industry totaling US $ 1. 180 billion to East London.

Through interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, esports leaders and academics, HereEast and LLDC have been able to identify the unique characteristics that make Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park a major e-sports hub in the UK. These features include state-of-the-art sports facilities, proximity to international sports teams, and close collaboration with academic institutions and local initiatives focused on e-sports.

The report offers a series of recommendations that both HereEast and LLDC say the park should be cemented as a leading online sports center in the UK. A dedicated team will be created led by HereEast and LLDC and comprised of other stakeholders and park facility managers to organize marketing and outreach campaigns and forge new partnerships and collaborations with local initiatives in the field of e-sports to encourage talent development.

QueenElizabeth Olympic Park is already hosting global esports tournaments at Copper Box at London Staffordshire University? The first university in the UK to award a bachelor’s degree in e-sports? It is home to sports and esports companies such as BTSport, SportsInteractive and Bidstack.

The plan will build on the long-term rehabilitation strategy implemented by LLDC and stakeholders across the QueenElizabeth Olympic Park. This park combines technological, creative and cultural activities with world-class higher education, and provides an unparalleled environment for the development of the new esports center.

Given that esports generated £ 60m in revenue in the UK in 2019, the creation of a world-class e-sports center in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park could accelerate sector growth in the country and spur job creation and economic growth in the capital.

Gavinbull, CEO of HereEast, said QueenElizabeth Olympic Park is already home to some of the UK’s most prestigious eSports competitions, teams and companies, and HereEast has become the fastest growing e-sports innovation community in the country.

This report presents our vision to transform the Olympic Park into a center for world-class esports and send a clear message to the global esports community: London has the talent, facilities and experience to become the sector capital of the world.

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