Queen Elizabeth II, in retirement, attends the official ceremony on Sunday

A little look, then sleep. Queen Elizabeth II, who was recently forced to reduce her public duties on medical advice, will appropriately attend a memorial service in London on Sunday, but on the other hand will open another event on Tuesday, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday. The 95-year-old sovereign, who spent a night in hospital last month, had to extend his retirement leave as advised by his doctors, forcing him to cancel his participation in a memorial service honoring British soldiers and Commonwealth soldiers this Saturday.

As in previous years, he will attend the Foreign Office’s ceremony from the balcony of the building, “according to a Buckingham Palace report. The text notes that on Tuesday, November 16, at the General Bishops’ Meeting of the Church of England, “in view of the recent advice of her physicians, the Queen has decided not to attend.”

Queen Elizabeth II is seen behind her Jaguar wheel

The Queen rested on October 20, the day after a reception at Windsor Castle, where she chatted with her Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates. He spent the next night in the hospital and was admitted to the hospital for the first time since 2013, with no details provided. Elizabeth II had to cancel her trip specifically for COP26, which ends in Glasgow (Scotland) over the weekend.

Waiting for the press release that night at Buckingham Palace Hospital raised questions about his health, as well as his lack of transparency. Assuring the British, the Queen was recently found on her Jaguar wheel in the grounds of Fort Windsor, forty kilometers from London, and is now her main residence. Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99, and was recently seen walking with a cane, the first time since 2004.

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