Quebec is in the crosshairs of the international market

Xavier Dolan and Luc Dionne will be participating this week in Content Quebec on Demand, an event that confirms the positive rumors the Quebec chain is enjoying internationally.

Director (who will soon release his first TV series, The night Lorier Godrault woke up, For Club illico and Canal +) and author District 31 He will participate in the event organized by C21Media, a British specialist media outlet with an undeniable power of influence, which reaches out to television industry professionals from all over the world: broadcasters, Hollywood studios and production houses. We are talking about a standard in the entertainment industry.

Luke Dion will be the subject of a session

QMI’s photo, Sebastian Saint-Jean

Luc Dion will be the topic of the “In Dialogue With” session.

The epidemic, effectively locked up, obligates Quebec content upon request, to disclose Quebec content that is likely to interest the international community.

“This year we are planning a series of special events aimed at highlighting areas that deserve more glory,” explains Ruth Palmer of C21Media. We have chosen to start with Quebec Content On Demand, because we believe it is a very creative market, but it is very little known worldwide. “


This selection proves Quebec’s rise in the global television scene, and points to the major players in the Quebec sector in interviews with magazine.

“It’s a great appreciation,” says Louise Lantani, President and CEO of SODEC. It is not the work of a single project or a single product. They love our stories, daring us. Béchamel begins to take seriously. “

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“We bring a lot of creativity and a lot of talent,” says Christine Maestracci, Vice President of International Acquisition and Distribution at Québecor Contenu. It has become an area of ​​interest like Israel, South Korea and Australia. It’s nothing. »

“People are starting to realize that we are a world-class production center,” adds Danny Melloul, CEO of Television, Radio Canada.

A dream that can be reached now

President of Pixcom, one of Montreal’s most prolific production companies, Nicolas Merola has been actively exporting Quebec TV for several years.

“My dream is for us to tear up our fictional series as well as tear up Scandinavian series.”

Once inaccessible, that dream now appears achievable, thanks to several years of cleansing and concerted efforts.

SODEC has also set up programs to support the overseas activities of Quebec producers.

“It’s the fruit of hard work,” says Louise Lantani.


Although the increased interest in Quebec’s bid has not yet brought the expected windfalls that are needed, there are many encouraging signs.

Over the past 12 months, I have found numerous made-in-Quebec chains elsewhere, including This is how I love you (Jumping in France), Organ transplantation (NBC in the US), The Complex Life of Léa Olivier (Canal + in France) and can you hear me ? (In 190 countries via Netflix). In the United Kingdom, video on demand has also increased the Walter Presents platform from its thriller catalog ErrorAnd the the monster And the Appearance of.

In terms of adaptations, France launched its own versions of the Run away (TF1), 30 competitions (France 2) and Plan B. (TF1). Plan B. It is also the subject of a Belgian-Flemish linguistic correction entitled Been seen.

For observation Sunday

SOS is in danger

This documentary meeting is dedicated to illegally sold Asian black bears. Giles Clark, a specialist in small orphan animals, arrives in Laos to help the bears rebuild their lives, care for and rehabilitate them. The first has two parts.

Everyone loves

Re-presentation of the Sonya Benezra program dedicated to the Honorable Michel Louvain. The one who left us a few days ago came back to life, with many artists – including Michelle Richard, Mark Herview, Brigitte Boychuli and Ludovic Bourgeois – the strong musical moments in his career … without forgetting The lady in blue.


The Graduation Ball is a unmissable event for any great academic success. With the show’s fifth season opening and celebration approaching, Archie can count on Veronica to be battle-ready. On their side, Betty and Jughead are looking for answers.

Zoo at night

Quebec’s first feature film, Jean-Claude Luzon, revealed immense talent. This drama tells the story of a former prisoner who wants to get his life back on the right track. Therefore, he communicates with his father, whose end is nearing. Unfortunately for him, the former prisoner has a policeman on his back.

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