Quebec is behind Défi-Evasion to invade the United States

Quebec-based entertainment company Défi-Évasion has launched a new brand to distribute its online games in Canada and the United States.

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Défi-Évasion, a company founded nearly eight years ago by Véronique Girard and Dave Welsh, has found real success in Quebec. It specializes in immersive games, where participants must solve puzzles to escape from the room.

With the pandemic on, the two entrepreneurs decided to improve their offering by adding an online puzzle gaming platform.

“We’ve had great success and continue to have great success with online gaming in Quebec. So the reaction was quite natural when going to Canada and the United States, which are very open markets for this type of game,” explains Mr. Welch.

Ambitious goals

MindOpus has already started publishing, while many sales are active, it indicates the entrepreneur.

“There, we already have over 300 games sold. It’s a modest start, but a fully controlled and desirable one to make sure the machine works well before the marketing valves are fully opened,” continues Mr. Welch.

But MindOpus’ sales goals are more ambitious over the next few years, he says.

“We set ourselves the game plan for the next three years to reach 100,000 games sold,” says Mr. Welch.

The entrepreneur also wants to develop a division, with MindOpus, where companies can, for example, order the creation of a custom game where they can inform, educate or raise awareness for their customers.

The name of the new brand, MindOpus, has a very symbolic meaning specific to the nature of the games it offers. It is a contraction between the words “mind” (soul) and “octopus” (octopus), “The octopus is one of the most intelligent animals, demonstrating capabilities of preservation, learning, orientation and adaptation to its unusual environment”.

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