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TheThere are now a total of 284,472 infected people in the province since the start of the epidemic, in addition to 10,346 deaths. A total of 266,138 people have recovered.

17 deaths were reported on Wednesday, but one case was written off because the investigation determined it was not attributable to COVID-19. There were five deaths in the past 24 hours, seven of them between 17 and 22 February, and five deaths before 17 February.

The number of hospitalizations is 655, down from 25, but there are now 130 people in intensive care, an increase of 10.

A total of 33,435 samples were taken on February 22nd and 8,807 doses of vaccine were administered. 376 910 doses have been administered since the start of the vaccination campaign, out of 509,325 doses received.

The National Institute of Public Health reported 23 cases of different confirmed variants in the province, plus a hypothetical 602 cases. The majority of confirmed cases (20) are of the strain that was first identified in the UK and mostly detected (19) in Montreal.

in Canada

Across Canada, 854,129 cases of COVID-19 and 21,787 deaths have been reported since the virus first appeared in the country.

Here is the breakdown of cases across the country since the start of the pandemic, according to the latest provincial and territorial reports:

– 296,173 cases in Ontario, including 6,893 deaths;

– 284,472 cases in Quebec, including 10,346 deaths;

– 131,603 cases in Alberta, including 1,853 deaths;

– 77,822 cases in British Columbia, including 1,336 deaths;

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– 31,551 cases in Manitoba, including 886 deaths;

– 27,923 cases in Saskatchewan, including 376 deaths;

– 1,613 cases in Nova Scotia, including 65 deaths;

– 1,424 New Brunswick cases, including 26 deaths;

– 955 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador, including four deaths;

– 351 cases in Nunavut, including one death;

– 115 cases in Prince Edward Island;

– 72 cases in the Yukon, including one death;

– 42 cases in the Northwest Territories;

Add to these regional and regional reports the 13 cases, all of which have been cured, among the passengers who were repatriated from the Grand Princess cruise ship on March 10.

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