QUB: Your new meeting

This morning, Quebecor launches QUB, an all-new digital platform to facilitate access to content from dozens of media brands in Quebec.

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Starting today, you can download the new QUB mobile app or visit the website qub.ca To access a world of information and entertainment content like never before in Quebec.

QUB is Quebec’s first digital content platform that allows you to consult news articles, live TV, VOD, radio, podcasts, music and more from one app.

All in an easy-to-use interface that allows you to view these contents easily and at the same time.

For example, you can read the morning news while listening to QUB Radio, your favorite podcast, or an alarm clock playlist. Easy navigation allows you to move from one universe to another with just a few clicks.

Content Abundance

Already, nearly two dozen media outlets are now pushed on this new platform: Le Journal from Montreal, Newspaper from Quebec, Bureau of Investigation, TVA Nouvelles, TVA Sports, and 24 hoursAnd StrengthenAnd 7 daysAnd wink, Billy, the bag of chips, Cello 57, in 5 minutes, not forgetting all the QUB radio programs and dozens of podcasts, TVA programs, many Zeste shows, Moi & Cie, the new platform series VRAI from Videotron, as well as an impressive catalog of 75 million songs From QUB Music.

And this is just the beginning, as QUB will continue to welcome new sources of information and entertainment over the coming months.

Dynamic news feed

This amount of content is brought to you for the first time in the form of a dynamic welcome feed, which is constantly updated, which adjusts the display of the content according to the time of day.

Over time, QUB will offer you more and more relevant content that caters to your interests without falling into the spiral trap of the algorithms of digital giants who often lock their users into echo chambers, where the same type of content is constantly repeated.

So the promise of QUB is to use the intelligence of algorithms to be more relevant, while maintaining a professional editorial look to prioritize and sort out the most important information.

Our editorial teams know the reality here: the discussions that move our company, the culture that makes it vibrate, and the information and emotions that inspire us.

These professionals will orchestrate the fruits of the work of our newsrooms, collaborators, columnists, specialists, and analysts, as well as an entertaining showcase for local artists and creators.

Away from the thread, you can also browse the world of QUB on your own and easily find specific content in the INFO, VIDEO, RADIO and MUSIC areas.

The powerful search tool also allows you to search this huge catalog of content and sort the results according to your search criteria.

library tracking you

QUB also provides you with a personal library in which you can organize your favorite content in order to access it more efficiently when you want.

Thus, you can select articles, video reports, episodes of TV series and podcasts as well as your favorite singers and playlists.

And this library follows you everywhere, whether it’s on your phone, tablet, or on the web.

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Note that QUB will automatically replace the J5 mobile app, from Montreal Magazine, once it is updated. So, if you have already installed the J5 on your phone, you will just have to update it to discover the world of QUB. If you have J5 version of software Quebec MagazineHowever, you will need to download the new QUB app from the Apple or Google app stores.

Matthew Torpedo
Vice President, Digital Content, Kibekor

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