Quarten says UK could build seven new nuclear power plants amid energy crisis – Reuters

A cabinet minister has revealed that the UK could build seven new nuclear power plants in an effort to increase its local energy supply following Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

By 2050, “the UK will have a world of six or seven bases,” said Quasi-Quarteng, secretary of commerce. The Sunday Telegraph.

The newspaper said ministers had agreed to install a new “development vehicle” known as the Great British Nuclear, which would identify private sites, cut red tape to speed up the planning process and unite private companies to manage each site.

The government’s initial decision is to significantly expand its current commitment to support a large-scale nuclear power plant by 2024, which is expected to be announced by Boris Johnson.

This comes in the wake of reports in recent weeks that the Prime Minister and Mr Quarten have clashed with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak over funding for new factories.

But the meeting between Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak on Wednesday resulted in a consensus to expand the UK’s current nuclear power plant network, with the exception of one, all of which will be scrapped by 2030, the newspaper said.

Britain’s new energy security strategy, due out on Thursday, is expected to pledge support to the government to build at least two new large-scale nuclear power plants and small modular reactors by 2030.

The article goes on to say that the Prime Minister and the Commerce Secretary aim to triple the country’s current seven gigawatts of nuclear capacity to 24 gigawatts by 2050.

Mr Quarteng said of France that it now relies heavily on nuclear power for most of its electricity: “It cost a fortune, but it gave them a certain freedom, which was openly envied by other peoples, from the continent, the Germans, for example, and the Italians.”

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Telegraph Another source says that the Prime Minister held a roundtable last week with renewable energy companies to urge industrialists to build a ‘huge’ sea wind farm in the Irish Sea next year.

Mr Johnson is said to have told people there that he had a dream of ‘producing jigsaw power and being able to do it in a year’ with a giant floating windmill.

Despite the ban, led by David Cameron in 2015, Downing Street’s final document opposing Mr Quarteng’s efforts to upgrade coastal wind farms is expected to set up a nuclear and marine wind farm.

The move is expected to open up the possibility of easing planning laws in the UK, which will make it easier to install wind turbines on land.

But in the face of opposition, Mr Quardent agreed: “There must be a large-scale endorsement of any movement.”

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