Qadi Ayyat University becomes the headquarters of the “United Nations of the World”.

During a ceremony held at Gadi Ayyat University, UCA was chosen to host both the headquarters of the Mediterranean Academy and the United States of the World on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

A highlight of the meeting was the installation of a plaque and flag of the Mediterranean Academy and the United States of the World at the entrance to the UCA Presidency, which will be the seat of the Academie de la Méditerranée from 2022. It has become an autonomous division of the “United Provinces of the World”.

“The new plaque at the presidential entrance and the presentation of the official flag of the United States testify to our institution’s commitment to international cooperation and the promotion of peace in the world,” notes the President of UCA. , Moulay El Hassan Ahbid, stressed that the ceremony “marks an important step in our cooperation with the United States of the World Foundation.”

He also pointed out that the UCA has “taken a new step in its cooperation by becoming the headquarters of the World United Nations”. This is a responsibility we take very seriously, and we are committed to working with the Foundation to promote international cooperation, education, research and innovation in the interests of peace and well-being for all peoples of the world.

For his part, President of Haut Atlas Association and former President of UCA, Mr. “We are laying the foundation for an open global organization, which includes official and unofficial institutions. Officials and people of various backgrounds,” said Mohammad Ginithiri. “The main objective is to involve the general public in the search for peace, security and dialogue between all peoples and religions. (…) We add to this the environmental aspect, which has become a global concern. We are here today as a civil society, together with our university, a public institution of training and scientific research,” he said. He added.

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Secretary General of the “United States of the World” and Director General of the Mediterranean Academy Mr. For Kabasso, he noted that it was a “historic” day, realizing a dream in Marrakech since 1988. Establishment of the headquarters of the Academy of the Mediterranean and the United States of the World with 181 member countries and 16,000 institutions and civil society organizations.

The president of UCA said that he was very proud of the distinction of the “Mediterranean Prize – Medal of Honor”, which “represents an enormous responsibility and which encourages me to redouble my efforts to further contribute to the progress of our university. International cooperation”.

Following the event, UCA’s first Doctor Honoris Causa Mr. A conference was held under the chairmanship of Michele Capasso on the importance of the Institute and the Averroès Chair, which coordinates studies related to the Mediterranean region in various fields.

The title “Identities of the World” was also given to the students and professors of UCA, before signing the Membership Agreement of UCA, which is a founding member of World America, the purpose of which is to define the structure of cooperation between the two parties and the means to be implemented to achieve the set goals.

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