Putin promises to “break the teeth” of those attacking Russia

Moscow, Russia | Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed, Thursday, that he would “break the teeth” of those attacking Russia, against the backdrop of continuing tensions with the West.

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“Everyone wants to bite us or snatch something from us. But they must know, those who will try to do this, that we will break their teeth, so that they are no longer able to bite,” Putin said during a meeting with national organizations.

“Even after losing a third of its potential (with the fall of the Soviet Union), Russia is still too big for some. Indeed, the potential is enormous and its territory remains the largest in the world.”

He did not specify the countries targeted by these comments.

He also praised once again the latest weapons Russia has developed, such as the “Avangard” supersonic missiles, which he described as capable of outperforming any anti-missile defense system.

Mr. Putin used to send shocking sentences or risky jokes to praise his country and threaten his opponents.

In 2016, he joked by launching on television that “Russia’s borders do not end anywhere,” two years after Ukraine’s Crimea was annexed, and one year after he launched his army to help President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Relations between Russia and the West are at an all-time low after multiple disputes over Ukraine and Syria, and accusations of electoral interference, espionage and cyberattacks attributed to Moscow.

However, on Thursday, Moscow welcomed “positive signals” in Russian-US relations after Washington abandoned certain sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 strategic pipeline and a “constructive” meeting between the two countries’ diplomatic chiefs.

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