Publication of the decree regulating the development of birth centers in the “Official Gazette”.

The law provides for the construction of twelve new buildings of this type over a period of two years.

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Decree regulating the development of birth centers, structures previously licensed on an experimental basis and which allow midwives to perform physiological (called “normal” or “low-risk” births)), published on Saturday 27 November in Official Gazette. By announcing on Monday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the majority of hospital unions on midwives, the government confirmed the publication of this decree. By the end of November.

Approved on a trial basis in 2015, eight birth centers were set up in six regions with “Positive results”According to the commentary accompanying the 2021 Social Security budget. The law mandates twelve new buildings to be built over two years, while the US had 150 last year, the UK had 169 and Germany had one hundred.

birth centers “Structures that allow midwives to perform low-risk deliveries to women who have continued their pregnancies under an agreement with a nearby maternity hospital”, refers to the decree published on Saturday actually.

The goal is “meet expectations”, Not “To encourage all women to give birth in a birthing center. Birthing centers conduct an average of 125 deliveries a year, so this is not going to weaken the fabric of maternity hospitals.Last year, LREM Rapporteur of the Social Affairs Committee in the National Assembly, Thomas Mesnier, argued in response to criticism from the Communist seats and the LFI.

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