Protecting authors’ works with blockchain, a new step for Edith & Us

« Helping new authors find their publishing house is an essential task. With a team of legitimate and enthusiastic founders and a strong technology proposal rich in potential, I am pleased and proud to be able to support Édith & Nous”, points to Pierre Conte, who is now a shareholder. The amount of investments made has not been reported.

As a result of these arrivals, Edith & Nous set up an automation to embed manuscripts prior to publishing texts. By relying on the Tezos blockchain solution, the company will have solutions to protect manuscripts, putting an end to artisanal methods.

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From November 29, all manuscripts – as well as those already deposited – will be automatically protected by this tool. ” Authors will be able to provide proof of the seniority of their work with a certificate of deposit that will be sent to them by Édith & Nous‘,” he points to a press release.

The timestamp system is considered immutable and immutable due to blockchain technology. This way, the authors will have evidence that the work exists so far. With this system, it is possible to protect your business simply and effectively during all stages of its creation without even thinking about it, you only need to download a certificate of deposit.

According to Thomas Vivien and Valentin Fuschel, founders of Édith & Nous:“The author suffers from two great anxieties in his life, namely the unpublishing and the worry of ‘theft’ of his work. We have already been responding to the first by having the appropriate author in contact with the appropriate publisher, and now we are responding to the second: manuscripts published on Édith & Nous are protected by order reality in the event of a dispute.”

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Simple and effective, this protection represents no additional cost to authors as it is part of the initial Edith & Nous subscription as of today (€7.99 per month for the first 3 months then €9.99 per month for protection and delivery of up to 10 manuscripts to over 70 publishers across 50 categories) .

For Thomas Vivien and Valentin Fuschel,“As with any revolution in use, there will be a before and after. It was important for us to offer this protection without increasing the initial subscription amount in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible”.

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