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On the side of the IHU in Marseille, the institute is run by Prof. Raoult And its teams, several prosecution testimonies indicate that covid-19 has actively spread there. In fact, between mid-March and early April, within the same building, several people could have tested positive for covid-19.

A technician has also been placed in intensive care. The latter, if he survived, was soon joined by a doctor working on the spot. But why such a gathering in an area that is supposed to be completely safe? If errors occur, especially with an invisible virus, the situation is completely different. In fact, the imposed sanitary rules are not respected.

Health scandal inside the IHU in Marseille?

Internally, the case was kept secret. It must be said that meetings are organized without a mask and that social distancing is just a concept. What annoys many collaborators with the professor RaoultHe is tired of his extreme hesitation and his rhetoric that contradicts everything that is said on the ground

Many collaborators testify!

For this reason, for Express, many relatives and collaborators within the IHU decided to respond. For them, it is simply unreasonable to continue operating under these conditions, especially since there is a real climate of fear there, which is why this issue is only emerging today.

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