Promoting symptoms at the box office

Part of the success of the horror film was revived at the box office last weekend in the United States In a quiet corner – 2e Area, Which had a great start since the onset of the epidemic, grossing 58 million in four days. These results are encouraging in Quebec theaters as well, although we have not yet returned to normal.

“Looking at the statistics in Quebec, we do not see the same enthusiasm in the United States, but there is still a clear improvement compared to previous weeks,” notes Eric Pachard, co-chair of the Homeowners Association. Quebec Cinemas.

“Compared to the previous weekend results, we note a 125% increase in the Quebec box office. Considering the weather is great, the terraces reopened and Saturday night was a great Canadian game. I’m very optimistic for the future. We think we’re heading in the right direction. . “

Like the United States, that too In a quiet corner – 2e Area It sits on the most popular weekend movies in theaters in the province. The Thriller The Quebec box office starring Emily Blunt rallied 7 194,730, from Friday to Sunday. Picture Cruella, Another Hollywood novelty, rose to second place with 6 146,628 revenues.

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Launched in 3,726 screens in the United States, In a quiet corner – 2e Area Memorial Day has been used over the long weekend in the United States to break the record for the best start since the outbreak. With a gross of $ 58 million in four days, John Kraczynski’s film surpassed the first gross In a quiet corner On the weekend of its release, in 2018.

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Godzilla Vs Cong It had the record for the best start of an epidemic ever at the box office, reaping $ 32 million in three days last March.

Other novelty of the week, Cruella, Performed even better, from Friday to Monday.5 grossed 26.5 million – a good result considering the film is available on stage Disney +.

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