Pro-Palestine demonstration in front of the US and Israeli consulates in Montreal

The protesters met at 1 p.m. in front of the Israeli Consulate General, located on Westmount Square, St. Catherine Street West, near Atwater Street.

Then they headed to the Consulate General of the United States, located a little further east on St. Catherine Street, specifically at the corner of Bell Street.

Protesters took control of Dorchester Square, where last weekend’s demonstrations had been. They recited a prayer in solidarity with the Palestinians and chanted slogans.

The crowd, mainly young people, closed Bell Street between Saint Catherine Street and René Levesque Street.

The Montreal City Police Department declared the demonstration illegal at around 3 pm.

Riot police were dispatched to the scene. The police asked the protesters to disperse, but they refused, and continued to occupy Bell Street.

The protesters met in front of the Consulate General of Israel (photo), located on Westmount Square, before heading to the Consulate General of the United States.

Photo: Radio Canada / Alexis Jacon

After that, the crowd moved to Saint Catherine Street West, making traffic impossible. The demonstrators chanted slogans. Some individuals waved Lebanese and Palestinian flags.

Participants began to quietly leave the city center around 5 pm. However, at 6 pm, there were still a few militants still campaigning, preventing Saint Catherine Street from reopening in this sector of the capital.

At the end of the evening, the SPVM announced that the demonstration generally took place quietly, despite the smoke bombs detonating and setting off the fireworks.

The police force has reported only one arrest for armed assault on police officers.

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Distrust of Israel

Despite the announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after 11 days of conflict, many protesters say they do not believe this and consider that the problems have not yet been resolved. They are skeptical of the intentions of the Israeli government and believe that the truce is still fragile.

I came with my children and nephews to support the Palestinians because what is happening there is unbearable frenzy. Then I want to make my kids understand that we should never accept thisOne participant said.

they [les Israéliens] Always try to evacuate people [les Palestiniens] From their home. So it’s not really a ceasefireWoman said.

The ceasefire is not just an end to the fighting, it is the beginning of the fighting, because we want Palestine to be liberated as it was before.Another woman said.

We see what is happening in Gaza, and we see what happens in the West Bank […] Everywhere in Palestine you can see how Palestinians are treated. Deep down I think the world is starting to participate in the issueMan said.

Rallies in support of the Palestinian cause have also been planned in Ottawa, Toronto. Saskatoon And Manitoba.

The Palestinian issue has had an echo elsewhere in the worldAs in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

With information from Marie Jose Packet Como

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