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As a teenager, Noémie created Paré a see board which she hung in her bedroom painted in the colors of the Olympics in Vancouver. A painting that she has modified over time, and of course she has kept. He constantly reminds her of her roots, her career, and her goals.

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At life’s great events, the 23-year-old athlete has pinned the logos of Laval University, NCAA, LPGA, and Olympic Games, among others.

His famous vision board.

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His famous vision board.

She has already achieved the goals she set for herself ten years ago. But this week, for the US Open, she fulfilled one of her most sincere wishes: to participate in a professional women’s tournament.

And not just any: the US Open! And not just anywhere: At the Olympic Club in San Francisco, it hosted the first women’s national championship and has hosted five men’s major championships.

different path

If Keebaker finds herself in this dream scenario of any young golfer with big ambitions, it’s because she made her way. However, I did it differently.

At his school, in high school, Barry attended schools defending Waldorf education. This European education is characterized by looking at the pupil as a whole. Focuses on intellectual, emotional and sensory development.

Her education led her to travel, and she settled among other places in Vancouver for two years and in New York. Then she headed to Florida where she studied business administration at Barry University in Miami.

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Her father, Pierre, proudly noted, “I followed an evolution and understood the different aspects of life.” It quickly adapts to its environment. So she is well prepared for what she is currently facing in the US Open. “

The golfer explains part of her success through her various educational backgrounds.

“As my mom often tells me, I’ve developed my own kind will and long-term listening skills. Over time, I’ve learned a balance between work and rest. Good things come with time. We have to play the game better in the long run,” she explained.

“In golf, this is important because I often wonder if a particular situation is helping or hurting me. This type of learning helped my personal development a lot because it wasn’t outcome oriented. Instead, it was understanding.”

From the Quebec Games to the US Open

Noémie had to find a sporting activity, given her dynamism, energy and game fuel in her youth. She took possession of a golf club in Victoriaville, wishing to follow the actions of her older brother, Jean-Michel.

Quickly, sport bites her. The little white ball also became a crucial element of his brotherly relationship. She has seen Jean-Michel break through the pros by taking part in a few tournaments on the Latin PGA Tour circuit, as well as tournaments in Quebec.

She wanted to follow suit. So her father gave her a golf bag for her birthday in September. The following summer, she immediately participated in the Quebec Games that were held in Gatineau in 2010.

Eleven years later, with several titles in her pocket, including the title of Amateur Quebec Champion in 2020, Barry has found herself on the stage she dreamed of in her youth.

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A sign that she will be adding more hooks to her table over the next few years.

Latin america Feminine in a nutshell

  • Olympic Club (Lake Stadium)
  • Par 71 – 6457 yards
  • 56 golfers
  • Defending Champion: A-Lim Kim
  • Grant: $5.5 million ($1 million hero)

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