Prince William is voted the sexiest bald in the world

He is the prince of the United Kingdom and the king of the most beautiful bald head in the world. Prince William of England, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, has just been crowned the most attractive bald man on the planet, according to a study.

Prince William, who is also Duke of Cambridge, owes Longevita this privilege.

This plastic surgery company has already compiled the number of times a bald figure is described as “sexy” on the Internet. The purpose of this analysis: to make a ranking of the bald man who is considered the most attractive by the general public.

And the result revealed by the People site on Saturday, March 27th TMZSo he put Prince William at the top of the charts, with over 17 million positive responses. King has the luxury of being well ahead of boxer Mike Tyson (second, with 8 million favorable “matches”) or actor Jason Statham (third; 7.4 million).

In the top ten, it is followed by rapper Pitbull, basketball player Michael Jordan, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and finally actors John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

Through the channel, this classification was carried by the newspaper The IndependentUnsurprisingly, it quickly became viral. According to the newspaper, Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart or Russian President Vladimir Putin missed the “top ten” appearance.

Dwayne Johnson demanded a recount

It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, and the ranking of the world’s most attractive people has caused an avalanche of reactions among the unknown but also the stars.

Not without humor, actor Dwayne Johnson, a Jumanji star who was crowned Most Beautiful Man in 2016 by People magazine, said on Twitter: “How did that happen when Larry David He’s obviously better than us ?! I demand a recount. “

Larry David, now 73-year-old American comedian, screenwriter, and actor is known worldwide for creating the sitcom Seinfeld and curbing your enthusiasm.

He is also famous for his spiteful sense of humor, and at hair level, due to his baldness barely hidden in some messy hair.

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