Prince Harry: Why is he giving up his Netflix contract?

Based on information from the sunOn Sunday, November 7, Prince Harry is expected to relinquish a $150 million contract he had with Netflix. Meghan Markle’s husband should explain the reasons soon.

Duke of Sussex He should speak up soon to announce some bad news. In fact, the sun Reveal Sunday November 7 who – which Meghan Markle’s husband He should give up his contract with Netflix. decade, With a total value of more than 100 million pounds. The reason is simple: Jemima Khan, a close friend of the late Princess Diana He left filming the next season of the series the crownAnd Because the directors have shown themselves “disrespectable” towards Mrs. So the ringtone will be pinned to the group and the young lady will ask for it Delete his name from the series. A friend of the former Princess of Wales denounces Notorious disrespect for the image and integrity of William and Harry’s mother. Her friend’s story She was not as respectful and compassionate as she had hoped, details the sunReleased on Sunday, November 7th. She asked the directors to remove her from the show.

Prince Harry will terminate his contract with Netflix?

Angela Levine, author of the book Harry: The Prince’s Biography entrusted the sun Prince Harry has not commented since he signed this deal with Netflix. Harry has been silent since signing his contract with Netflix. He must break the deal he made with them, Because he will obviously take his mother’s side.”She said. The biographer also adds this: “What’s more important? Money or his mom’s defense? It would be amazing if he didn’t raise his voice about it.” Next season of the series the crown will be centered around The last years of Lady Diana’s coronation.

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So the narrators hoped that the series would end Princess of Wales dies in ParisOn the night of August 30 to 31, 1997. If Harry were to veto, season five, which should be released in November 2022 in Netflix So you may be at risk. Ingrid Seward, magazine editor majesty, Tell the sun She was so convincedHarry will reconsider his decision. “I don’t think Harry understands the risks. When he signed his contract with Netflix, he didn’t think of everything, but Meghan yeah, she wasn’t stupid.” She said. Does it break or not?

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