Prince Harry: Furious, he files a complaint against the UK…and blames his family!

This would displease Queen Elizabeth II: her grandson, The Prince Harry, decided to file a complaint against the British Home Office! A great first for a member of the royal family, but a logical follow-up to several announcements by Prince Charles’ son, who has been asking for months to benefit from a crucial security service when he visits his country.

It’s a request he’s been turned down several times and, according to him, explains his very infrequent visits: feeling threatened on British soil, he doesn’t want to put his family at risk. But the authorities’ answer is clear: since he left the royal family, he can no longer claim the same rights as them, and despite his offer to pay his bodyguards, everything is denied him.

He refuses a decision, which is why he is suing, against the state and above all trying to get his rights … against the royal family, with whom relations are bad. According to him, Sir Edward Young, his grandmother’s chief of staff, was the one he consulted when he asked for help. Problem: The two people don’t like each other and the employee refuses his request.

A royal family that makes decisions?

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he was so outraged that the royal family, who was so vindictive against him, was involved in the story that he, through his lawyer’s voice, said, “No more inappropriate than Sir Edward Young or any other senior member of the royal family“Gives his opinion on his arguments”Not fully transferred to the services of the Ministry“.

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Senior members include her father and stepmother, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, her brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her uncle and aunts, Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie. As well as Princess Anne. Or almost just… those who have a very tense relationship with Prince Harry!

Did he fear that his brother William, who had not spoken much since leaving for America and had not seen much of the Jubilee festivities, would prevent his return to the family? Unless he knows everyone is mad at him for his interview with Oprah, in which he didn’t really give them a good picture.

In any case, Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and their two children (Archie, 3, and Lilybet, 1) won’t be returning to London just yet… Returning for the Jubilee, the four benefited greatly. Security conditions provided by the Queen during a secret visit. However, the two children never left the Frogmore cottage, with the couple making only one public appearance.

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