Prince Harry does not have police protection in Britain

If you’ve followed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle closely since they left the royal family, you’re sure to know that they’re concerned about their family’s safety and well-being, both mentally and physically. In fact, by stepping down from his royal duties, Prince Harry has given up police protection in the UK. In America, on the other hand, he can pay to ensure his safety… sometimes armed.

A London court ruled today that Harry could not benefit from police protection if he wanted to move to his own land, even if he paid for it out of pocket. Taxpayer money funds the security of the rest of the royal family, and in Britain only police officers are allowed to carry weapons. During the legal battle over the parameters of his protection, the Home Office refused to allow Harry to review his previously rejected offer to pay the police himself. According to this they have to pay the bodyguards themselves The New York Times.

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This will make future visits to Britain by Prince Harry’s family difficult, if not impossible. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex personally fund a private security team for their family, but this security cannot replace the police protection required in the UK,” a Sussex spokesperson explained in a press release. People. Without such protection, Prince Harry and his family would not be able to return home. ยป

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