Prime Video: This Crazy Theory About The Last of Us Pandemic!

In The Last of Us series, the pandemic continues to surprise subscribers of the platform. Here’s a crazy theory on this one!

The Last of Us is Prime Video’s hit series of apocalyptic moments. But she has a knack for getting viewers talking. In fact, we discover a theory about the epidemic that is spreading… So MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Prime Video in search of novelty

Like Netflix and Disney+, Prime Video continues to unveil new nuggets to take on the competition. In fact, there are very attractive movies and series. he fIn other words, she has the means.

In fact, Prime Video has just formalized the acquisition of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. A project that Netflix wanted to own, but also Disney +. In the end, the merger allowed Prime Video to take back more than 4,000 films and 17,000 series episodes.

Not bad, right! Mike Hopkins, Vice-President of Prime Video, very proud of it. We look forward to working together to create more opportunities To provide our customers with high quality stories”.

Same goes for Chris Brearton, CEO of MGM: We are thrilled that MGM and its host of iconic brands and legendary movies and TV series. Join the Prime Video family with our amazing team and creative partners. »

before adding: “We look forward to continuing that tradition as we enter this next chapter, partnering with the amazing team at Prime Video and Amazon Studios to bring audiences the very best in entertainment for years to come.” »

If we find Wednesday, Dahmer or even Pinocchio on Netflix, Prime Video is causing quite a stir with The Last of Us series! Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have copied the world of video games “The Last of Us” to unveil this marvel.

A raging epidemic

Our colleaguesAllociné put together the following summary: The title takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a pandemic caused by the Cordyceps fungus, which… It controls its human hosts. The two main characters are named Joel and Ellie and they must survive together as they cross a devastated United States. »

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In the Prime Video series, fans discover an epidemic which turns humans into zombies. It’s a fungus that’s the reason. And I knowz that it exists in real life.

This one has a knack for making people interact. In fact, fans are sure to have already figured out the origin of the epidemic. It’s in the first episodeWe discover evidence of this virus.

On Reddit, fans are talking about a possible spread due to eating flour. Remember, Sarah made pancakes for her dad. But don’t have of flour they could not eat.

That’s why they would have survived the virus. On the other hand, its neighbors EEveryone can’t eat cake.

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