Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a second Incident Response Group meeting to discuss the situation in Haiti

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited the Incident Response Group to discuss developments in Haiti with ministers and senior officials. Also in attendance were Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in New York Bob Ray, Canadian Ambassador to the United States Kirsten Hellman and Canada’s Ambassador to Haiti Sebastien Carrier.

The group heard a presentation by Mr. Daniel Jean, Representative of the Deputy Secretary of State and former National Security and Intelligence Advisor to the Prime Minister, who led the recent inter-ministerial assessment mission implemented by the Government in Haiti from October 26-29. , 2022. Mr. Jean informed the group that the security and humanitarian situation in Haiti remains precarious and has been exacerbated by the gang control of key facilities and sites in Port-au-Prince, notably Faro Station – an important transport and trade hub. Gangster sieges, blocking access to gasoline, food, water, medicine and other essential commodities, continue to exacerbate a serious humanitarian crisis.

Panel members highlighted the urgent need to restore security and humanitarian access to the country and discussed how Canada and its partners, including CARICOM, the United Nations, the United States of America, civil society organizations and others, are supporting the people. Haiti during this difficult time. They considered a range of options and indicated that Canada is ready to take concrete action with its partners to address the complex and immediate security and humanitarian needs in Haiti. Prime Minister Trudeau stressed the importance of ensuring unimpeded access to deliver humanitarian assistance to those affected, holding those responsible for this unrest accountable and working with partners to promote a Haitian-led solution to the current situation.

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The Prime Minister and Ministers affirmed Canada’s commitment to work more closely with regional and international partners to support the security and stability of Haiti.

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