Pressure on Minister Pierre Dufour: The Party of Quebecois wants to control the price of timber

Partie Quebecois is urging Minister for Forestry, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) Pierre Dufour to make efforts to regulate timber prices, which have tripled in recent months.

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Silvan Roy, a spokesperson for PQ Forestry, Wildlife and Parks, urged the MFFP Saturday to enforce the residual principle, in order to protect public forests, as well as a commitment to ensuring that the increase in timber prices is of fair benefit to all stakeholders in the region. Forest Series.

Are factory workers, loggers, and timber producers benefiting from staggering price increases? To ask the question you must answer it: Not at all, the Bonaventure member knocked in a written statement. If wealth is distributed better, it is clear that the entire economy in our region will benefit. “

This increase was particularly palpable at the building level. APCHQ Vice President of Public Affairs, Francois Bernier, said a $ 200,000 home to produce may now require an additional $ 30,000, an increase of nearly 15%.

The price of a simple 2 × 4 has increased, among other things, from $ 1.48 to $ 6.80 since the start of the pandemic, as an entrepreneur complained about Sherbrooke recently in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Strong demand from the US is also another point that Sylvain Roy raised to explain the sharp rise in prices.

“Among Americans, the explosion in new housing, combined with the desertion of cities by families who built homes outside the main centers to do remote work, means that our industry is in demand in an unprecedented way,” said Roy, who believes that both of us And the negative in this case.

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