Press room – live analysis, start CEA, bacteria detection time reduced by 4

Live Analysis, CEA Startup Edition (70The tenth from the CEA-Leti Institute), has developed a microfluidic consumer capable of extracting DNA and RNA from microorganisms, such as ListeriaAnd the salmonella or coli bacteriaor dangerous or fatal bacteria. To do this, Direct Analysis relied on exclusive access to 11 CEA-Leti patents covering disciplines such as DNA extraction and sample diagnosis by microscopy. Developed consumables, along with biomolecular tests such as PCR tests, are simplifying, speeding up and securing the search and detection of these pathogenic organisms. This solution is based on CEA-Leti lensless imaging technology, allowing the development of field tests with a sensitivity not achieved before today, funded by the Carnot Network.

On average, one food withdrawal per day can be avoided thanks to the speed and reliability of the direct analysis innovation. This represents tons of food thrown away each year in the event of contamination, and the financial and image consequences for food manufacturers. Our test detects the presence of contamination in as little as six hours, with sensitivity that meets international standards for finished products, swabs or swabs. This responsiveness and precision allow manufacturers to ensure a significant return on investment and, above all, further strengthen food safety measures”, explain Thomas Purdy, co-founder of Live Analysis.

Direct Analysis, which aims to become a standard in DNA extraction and biomolecular detection technologies, plans to commercialize its system in 2022, and conquer other markets after that, such as environmental, water analysis and cosmetics.

The startup will present its solution for the first time at this event CFI In Rennes, June 9-11, 2021, at the invitation of Bretagne Développement Innovation along with the production line in transition at the USINE AGRO DU FUTUR booth in Hall 6.

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