Presidential Election 2024: Another Pro-Bitcoin Candidate in America!

In the constellation of American politics, a new star has awakened, promising to shine with a different brilliance. Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, an iconic figure in the pro-Bitcoin movement, is showing his presidential ambitions for 2024. A digital wind of renewal is about to blow through the capital.

A crypto-enabled mayor jumps into the fray

Confronted with America’s complex political chessboard, Francis Suarez appears as an unexpected piece, turning to the future with courage and determination.

Recognized for his crypto-friendly approach, this passionate Bitcoin advocate signed documents on June 14 sealing his entry into the race for the White House. A giant step into the merciless universe of presidential elections, to be sure, but a small step for this pioneer of digital transformation.

Indeed, his candidacy is taking shape in a dense political environment. The arena is already occupied by powerful players, starting with Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known for their love of Bitcoin.

Suarez is not a pioneer in terms of crypto-adoption in the political sphere, but his commitment is perhaps deeper, more genuine.

A vision of the future of American politics

In preparation for his campaign, Suarez He will visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., where he plans to unveil his presidential ambitions on June 16. A long-awaited speech that could bring A New Perspective on American Political Vision.

Suarez’s experience in cryptocurrency is solid. By 2022, he said, Bitcoin could be A global currencyEven going so far as to accept his salary in this currency.

He also supported MiamiCoin“, a program that allows Miami residents to acquire cryptocurrencies and receive dividends in Bitcoin.

Although traditional politics and cryptocurrency may seem like two parallel worlds, Francis Suarez is trying to bring them together. Miami’s pro-bitcoin mayor, now a presidential candidate, embodies a future vision of politics in which new technologies and digital currencies can play a defining role.

His life, his commitment, his bravery, remind us that sometimes politics needs a star. The 2024 US presidential election promises to be full of surprises. It appears that the US Congress has already laid the groundwork for Suarez by rattling the SEC in favor of crypto.

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