Presidency 2022: Michel Barnier is a candidate for the right-wing elections

He had warned that he intended to influence the political future of his country – France – and his party – Les Républicains (LR). He chose to do so by setting off the race for the Elysee Palace. This Thursday, Michel Barnier announced at 20-Heures de TF1 that he is a candidate for the right-wing primaries for the 2022 presidential election.

“The times ahead are difficult and dangerous, and the world around us is dangerous, unfair and fragile,” he said, referring in particular to the situation in Afghanistan and climate change. “In our country there are many divisions: I intend to be the president of a France of reconciliation that respects the French and respects France,” he added.

Michel Barnier was quickly asked about his programme, highlighting his desire to “put work and merit at the centre”, prepare for climate change or even put a “stop on immigration”. The candidate intends for this purpose “to bring together the right, the center and others.”

Four candidates: Bertrand refuses to participate and Keyes surrenders

At the age of 70, Michel Barnier is proud of his “experience”, which is undoubtedly strong on all levels. At the local level, he served as General Counsel of the City of Savoy for 26 years. Then Deputy Senator, and was several times Minister of Jacques Chirac and then Nicolas Sarkozy (Environment, European Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture). Finally, he twice served as European Commissioner, and then the EU’s negotiator with the UK after his decision to leave the EU.

Michel Barnier is the fourth person to announce his candidacy for the right-wing primaries, perhaps less well known to the French due to his years in Brussels, far from the French political scene. He will face the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valerie Pecres, at the head of the “Liberace” party! ,” the highly-publicized head of emergency services at Pompidou Hospital and La Garenne-Colombes Mayor Philippe Goffin, and Alpes-Maritimes Member of Parliament Eric Ciutti, both members of LR.

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Hauts-de-France President Xavier Bertrand, who has announced his candidacy for the presidential elections, still refuses to participate in the selection process for right-wing candidates. For his part, presumptive nominee Laurent Wakes declared that “it is not yet time” to introduce himself. According to RMC, Senate President L.R. Bruno Retailleau has also decided to drop the candidacy and should announce it on Friday.

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