Premas Biotech and Oramed announce a candidate for oral COVID-19 vaccine that produces antibodies after a single dose

  • Huge implications for ease of distribution and management at scale, anytime, anywhere.

  • Best candidate vaccine to protect against COVID-19 variants by targeting triple antigen

  • Oravax Medical was created to speed up vaccine marketing time

  • Clinical trials are scheduled for the second quarter of 2021

Premas Biotech, the developer of new vaccines and therapeutic filters, announced today the development of an oral vaccine against COVID-19 that has demonstrated efficacy after a single dose, in collaboration with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq / TASE: ORMP),

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To speed up the vaccine’s market arrival time, Premas, Oramed, and other shareholders created Oravax Medical Inc. Which obtained exclusive licenses from Oramed and Premas to develop oral vaccines against COVID-19.

After a single dose of an Oravax COVID-19 capsule, efficacy was demonstrated by production of antibodies in an animal pilot study. Oravax vaccine boosted systemic immunity with immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common antibody in blood and body fluids that protects against viral infections, and immunoglobulin A (IgA) that protects the respiratory and digestive systems from infection.

A VLP (Virus-Like Particle) (Viral Pseudoparticles) vaccine based on Premas Proteins creates triple protection against Spike, Membrane, and Envelope targets of SARS CoV-2. The candidate vaccine is safe, effective, and well tolerated in normal to high doses, and generates high titres of neutralizing antibodies. VLP (Viral Pseudoparticle) is manufactured using Primas’ D-Crypt ™ platform, which is highly scalable and can be manufactured on a large scale.

Prabuddha Kundu, co-founder and CEO of Premas Biotech, said: “An oral vaccine against COVID-19 that harnesses and combines the true potential of two platforms, Premas’ D-Crypt ™ technology platform with Oramed’s flagship oral management platform is an example of POD® proteins. Excellent for real collaboration and can rapidly develop into advanced clinical trials. Oramed’s experience and success with Phase 2 and 3 trials on Oral Protein allow our program to position itself very positively in the race for an effective oral trial of the COVID-19 vaccine that anyone in Anywhere. We look forward to sharing our clinical data soon. “

“We are very excited about the potential of our potential oral vaccine to help end the pandemic,” said Nadav Kidron, CEO of Oramed. “The oral COVID-19 vaccine would remove many barriers to rapid and widespread distribution, allowing people to take the vaccine themselves at home. Vaccination rate, oral vaccination could become more valuable in the potential event that the COVID-19 vaccine may be It is needed every year or every two years like a standard flu vaccine. “

About Oravax Medical Company

Oravax was created in 2021 by Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, the major shareholder of Oravax, along with Premas Biotech and some other shareholders whose mission is to bring an oral vaccine against COVID-19 to the market. Oravax combines advanced vaccine technology sourced from Premas Biotech with Oramed Pharmaceuticals’ oral delivery POD ™ technology. For more information, please visit the following website:

About Brimas Biotechnology

Premas Biotech develops new technologies and joins international biopharmaceutical companies to create and develop new vaccines and biological therapies. The main areas of intervention for Brimas are infectious diseases, cancer, metabolic disorders, and infections. In addition to D-Crypt ™, the hard-to-express protein expression platform, advanced Premas technologies include Axtex-4D ™: an ex vivo tissue generation platform and C-Qwence ™: a library of scFv-dependent nave human antibodies in India. More information is available on the company’s website:

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