pregnant! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on “Valentine’s Day”

pregnant!  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in

pregnant! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on “Valentine’s Day” | Instagram

News that would cause a sensation after the announcement that the Dukes of Sussex, the prince Harry And Meghan Markle unveils the long-awaited news of the arrival of a new member in their family. Queen Elizabeth II is full of great-grandchildren!

Affectionately referring to the special date celebrated this Sunday, February 14th, on which the celebration is taking place.St. Valentine’s day“or”Day of love and friendshipMeghan Markle and Prince Harry announce that they will welcome a new being in a few months.

On the postcard, Harry and Meghan, the younger son of Prince Charles Wells, appears in what appears to be a garden, the one we remember. TV actress, She kneels her head on her husband’s legs.

On his part, Prince Harry looks very smiling as he caresses his wife, who is already suffering from flatulence, confirming the romantic announcement of the arrival of his second son or perhaps his daughter.

The photography will be directed by a close friend of the American, photographer MisanHarriman, who is tasked with capturing new joy and hope on the faces of the former royal couple, who will become parents for the second time.

Meg, I was there at your wedding to witness the beginning of this love story, and my friend, I am honored to catch it growing up. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on this good news!

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You see, it was a message accompanying the postcard, a few gentle words from the artist, dedicated to the couple getting them to share their best moments.

Aussi, en plus de la photographie dans laquelle les anciens membres de la couronne britannique, apparaissent avec des tenues de couleur très neutre et un grand arbre derrière eux, qui fait référence à leurours manière d’être réservés on a leux object until today. It was the spokesperson for the couple who also confirmed the news that day.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are happy to expect their second child, read the statement that happened Sunday

Royal fans and followers of the couple, the UK heir and “Suits” actress will remember the news, apparently the Dukes are waiting to reveal it to everyone because in the photo it is estimated that Meghan’s belly is indeed. Out.

The news is sure to be very happy with little Archie Harrison, the eldest of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Philip of Edinburgh.

Although unlike now older brother Archie who was born in the UK on May 6, 2019, the couple’s future member is believed to have been born in the United States, where they currently reside.

The couple, who until 2020 belonged to the British royal family and kept the title of “Dukes of Sussex” until 2020, moved since July of last year to a mansion in Montecito, California, where they seem to have found the intimacy they’ve been waiting for much for.

In doing so, they achieved one of their dreams, which is to become a family of four, to decide every stage of their lives without relying on real homework, and to make their children’s lives closer to normal.

It should not be forgotten that the reasons will be the bad experience that the wife of the youngest son of Charles and Diana of Wales went through in 2020, when she expressed in a column in the New York Times about her bad experience with her past. Pregnancy.

Megan from Sussex as a member belonging to the exclusive Realm of Kings, rarely did, on the agonizing day she lost her second child, this after a spontaneous miscarriage.

Rachel Meghan Markle returned to the limelight in heated debate from that moment onwards by daring to express the feelings that would cause such a loss as well as the process that was handled.

Now the star and activist, one of those promoting the #BlackLivesMatter (Black Lives Matter) movement against racism.

You can also read Archie stars on the first Christmas postcard with Megan and Harry

The future member of the House of Windsor would occupy eighth in the line of succession to the throne, and fifth place for Charles of England, and it is also strange that he would be the first grandson of Elizabeth II to be born and raised outside of Great Brittany. As it really happens with Archie Harrison.

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