Practicing this sport at a high level will increase your life expectancy

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This sport will make it possible to live 13% longer than the rest of the population.

This is not very surprising news, but participating in sports has many benefits, such as maintaining good health. Even high-level practice will make it possible to have a longer life expectancy than the rest of the population. Anyway, this is what a British study revealed Le FigaroHowever, not all sports will have the same effects.

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British professor Les Mayhew’s team analyzed seven sports: football, cricket, rugby union, tennis, golf, boxing and horse racing. The researchers used data from the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) to compare the life expectancy of UK top athletes with that of the rest of the population, over a period from 1841 to 2020. It is important to stress that the population studied is uniquely male. . Of course, not all sports have the same health benefits.

Boxing is in last place

The Amplifiers (-25%) and horse race (-12%) of sports with lower life expectancy than the rest of the population. Athletes in these two areas are more likely to experience head injuries or concussions. The football players (+1%) have a similar life expectancy to the general population. The cricket (+9%) will help you enjoy a longer life. Most surprising, we found Football (+11%) is in third place among the sports that extend life expectancy, despite the risk of injury. in the head, so the Tennis (+12%) and golf (+13%) which will provide a longer life. The researchers explain this finding because these two sports ” It can be played at a high level until a relatively late age Regarding the factors that explain longevity, the team does not give a final opinion but suggests several approaches: socioeconomic standard of living, level of education, leadership qualities, prospects for financial rewards, etc.

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The study also found an improvement in the life expectancy of athletes between 1900 and 2020, which is explained by increased safety across all sports combined. This is the case of knights who suffered a large number of premature deaths in the early twentieth century, compared to the present. Rugby players have also gained an increase in life expectancy, going from 6% in 1960 to 10% today. However, the study has some limitations, notably the fact that this information is for men only, due to the lack of sufficient historical data on women.

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