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The Health Space now houses nine health professionals.

On June 1, the arrival of Dr. Ratio, a cardiologist, will close the access of practitioners who were tentatively planned in the new health space created at the entrance to the city.

Led by the former municipal team, work started in 2019 and ended in mid-March. Since April, health professionals have invested eight cells out of ten in this new health center located in the former Tisserand home.
This new equipment over a million euros, which only the city carries, is now operational. The signs are hardly installed by a local company, Anne Charlotte Muller and Emily Doyleux are the first to join the health center on April 1.

“Being surrounded by health professionals enables dynamism at work and an ever-evolving patient care. Certain questions are answered more quickly while preserving medical confidentiality of course,” Ann Charlotte, a liberal nurse since 2014, explains. Benefits are shared with colleague Emily, who officially became her associate on January 1, 2021. Sarah Brindle, an orthopedist graduated in 2016, formerly installed in Anne Charlotte Muller’s office, followed in early April.

After six years of study in Lyon, supported by training in pediatrics, perinatal care and pregnant women, in geriatrics and sports, his experience in nursing homes and in clubs (Tony Parker Camp, Karting, Half Marathon) opens up a broad spectrum for him in the performance of her duties. She hopes to live 100% in Nugent, and still share her time in Langres.

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Towards comprehensive patient care

His counterpart, Nicholas Gidel, an orthopedic physician, graduated in 1998 on the Cote d’Azur, and also chose to leave his Nugent clinic which he had occupied for six years to welcome his patients into his new room that he shares with the Arizona Uri. ..

“We feel satisfied, and soon we take our directions. Thanks to the sober colors, a sense of harmony prevails in this building on the human level,” Says a professional who does not regret the Cote d’Azur in any way!
Very attentive to the person as a whole, like Nicholas Giddell, Arizona Urey, Dietitian and Dietitian, graduated in 2016, working Saturday mornings in the same cell.

Arizona Urey, dietitian.

She trained in eating disorders as well as on diet and cancer, and she participated in 40 hours of curative patient education which made it possible to develop a program that advocates for the patient to take control of his health.

“All this monitoring requires working in coordination with the doctors, and all conditions are met here.” The experienced young woman rejoices in a well-adapted nutritional balance for each one.
Marion Vages, podiatrist, Dr. Andrea Bouba, dentist, Dr. Luminita Nichita, general practitioner, has completed the list of health professionals who have occupied this new space for a few weeks.

Dr. Ratio, Cardiologist, will assume his position at Espace Santi effective June 1.

Coming to meet the mayor on Wednesday morning, Dr. Ramona Ratio, after having worked for five years in Chumont until the end of 2020 and most recently in Fiesole, made no secret of his joy at the liberal stability in Nugent, from June 1. Finally, it should be noted that two cells are still available.

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