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(Nashville) I might put it as it is: It’s not among the throngs of revelers swarming on Broadway, in Nashville, that one automatically enlists their team of Budding Geniuses.

Simon Olivier Lorang

Simon Olivier Lorang

In fact, the capital of Tennessee is known to the general public as Mecca, but also the capital of drunken weekend getaways, who spend jumping from one bar show to the next. It is fair game.

What is less well known, at least in Quebec, is the cultural richness of this city, which is particularly nourishing for the diversity of its residents and its many university institutions.

Nashville, you should know, is one of those UFO cities in the southern United States. Small touches of blue in red oceans on the political map.

In the 2020 presidential election, for example, Tennessee awarded Donald Trump one of its largest majorities – just over 60% of the vote went to the incumbent president.

Barely 3 of the 95 districts in the state voted for Biden. The Shelby and Davidson towers, which include the cities of Memphis and Nashville, as well as the miniature town of Haywood. And so the national trend is validated: major cities vote blue, suburbs and rural areas vote red.

The residents of Nashville do not stand out from the rest of the state only politically. It is less white, although whites make up the majority. it is easier. And it is, above all, more educated: At the 2020 census, 42% of its residents over the age of 25 had at least a bachelor’s degree, well above the state average (27%) and the national average (31%).


Vanderbilt University Campus, Nashville

Vanderbilt in the lead

Vanderbilt University is not only the largest in Nashville, but also among the most popular in the country. This year’s magazine Forbes put it in 14NS In the annual ranking, he is directly behind Cornell.

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The campus, which spans 330 acres in the heart of the city, is exceptional. actor Journalism He crossed it Friday on his way to a COVID-19 test, which is a must for returning travelers.

Fauna ticked all the boxes in ’90s teen movies, with frisbee players sharing, with strollers, the lawn adjacent to century-old buildings. The only guitarist under the trees. And of course, tracksuits in institution colors as far as the eye can see, with socks in the flaps, please. At 20 degrees under the December 3 sun, we don’t blame anyone.

The buildings are reminiscent of the Northeast Campus, but their architecture does not negate its Southern roots. Artwork is installed at the entrance to the master suites.


Vanderbilt University Campus, Nashville

If Vanderbilt itself is a city within a city, its stunning medical center is another city in its own right. Both are places of research and care, made up of four hospitals and linked directly to the rest of the campus.

On the other hand, Vanderbilt University is not the only higher education institution in the city. There are actually more than a dozen, which differ in size and prestige.


Belmont University Campus, Nashville

A special mention to Belmont University, separated from Vanderbilt by the Hillsborough Owl Village, which is also worth a look.

The Canadians and Predators’ training on Saturday morning, as well as the evening game at Bridgestone Arena, will quickly remind us that our visit has nothing to do with college studies. But it doesn’t hurt to remember that Nashville is (not bad) more than Johnny Cash and Jack Daniel’s.

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