Post-Brexit fishing: France threatens to seize Europe to discuss possible sanctions

Put threats now. French Maritime Minister Annie Girardin warned on Thursday that France would demand a meeting at the European level and go “to court” if all fishing licenses in the post-Brexit United Kingdom were not issued by Friday evening. During a hearing in the Senate. “If all licenses are not granted tomorrow evening (Brussels deadline in London for resolving fisheries disputes, author’s note), France will demand a meeting of the Coalition Council to guarantee the application of a post – Brexit agreement,” the United Kingdom has denied its signature on the signing of the agreement.

“That’s where the sanctions can be decided,” he added: “If the lawsuit and retaliation are implemented, the commission will bring it about.” “We have 1,004 licenses, we are still waiting. 94. This is not a story, this is capital: they are fishermen, families. One job at sea means four jobs on land, he declared before the Senate Economic and European Affairs Committees.

53 licenses are missing

Under the Brexit agreement signed between London and Brussels at the end of 2020, European fishermen will be able to continue to work in British waters by proving that they have previously fished. But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided. While reiterating the constructive work being done with the Anglo-Norman island of Guernsey, the Minister condemned the United Kingdom’s “delaying tactics” within eleven months of signing the agreement.

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The vast majority of French licenses are no longer in the 6-12 British Mile region: “53 licenses are still missing, 40 of which have been requested for replacement vessels”, new boats that fishermen have purchased to renew their fleet, London refusing to consider priority files.

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