Portland/Lillard: “It’s All Said”

In two weeks, the 2020 Summer Olympics will kick off in Tokyo, Japan. These Olympics are tentatively scheduled to be held between Friday 24 July and Sunday 9 August, and will finally take place from Friday 23 July to Sunday 8 August, after being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Obviously we will find the USA basketball team, in particular, in Group B along with Nigeria, Japan and France. Meanwhile, at a press conference, US international leader Damian Lillard, now 30, spoke about his future.

“Nothing else to say”

In photos shared by the US basketball team, the Oakland, California native was privately asked about speculation about his future and whether or not he was interested in the trade, who was drafted to sixth place, in 2012, by the franchise that is still the same today, Specifically the Portland Trail Blazers: “At this point, a lot was already said. Sometimes the words came into my mouth when I didn’t say anything. Anyone who’s covered me since I was in the NBA knows that if there’s something to say, if I’m thinking of something or If I had something to say, I would say it and I would carry on. Like I said, there was a lot of discussion. Unless anyone heard what I said, no one heard me about these things. All I have to say I say directly to Neil Olshei. [Directeur général des Blazers]. I will speak directly to my team. I have nothing to tell you about that. Everything I said about how I felt was told to Neal. There is nothing else to say about it. “

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