Portet-sur-Garonne. Portesian apiary, a co-working and collaborative space

Already operating since September, this third venue located in the heart of the city, in the former priesthood, offers a space of 400 square meters consisting of individual offices, co-working spaces, a large meeting room and a paramedic room. This project was designed by optimizing the energy performance of the building thanks to a geothermal system that exploits the heat and freshness drawn from the basement all year round.

In the presence of Mohamed Hammami, regional councilor, Christine Arrighi, MP, Annie Vieux, district councilor, Mr Niepce, representing the governorate, and local elected officials, Thierry Saoud, Mayor of Porte and a member of the district council, cut the ribbon for the opening. After visiting the site, Thierry Saoud wanted to thank all the partners, in particular the financial partners, who were involved in its transformation, and also cited the architect Christophe Bellos, and Dominique Valentin of Relais d’Entreprises with whom he had just signed management. “A place that witnesses a rebirth of heritage and at the same time the birth of a modern concept of remote workspace.” “With this third place we are encouraging the possibility of taking fewer trips, so we are trying to help the environment,” he said. “The area accompanies the lands through works aimed at reconciling the environment and the economy, and today this very beautiful place in Portit is in the heart of the village,” emphasizes Mohamed Hamami. As for Mathias Nisbes, representing the governor, he would like to emphasize “the participation of the mayor, his investment within his mandate, and the good cooperation between the departments of state and city. And the French Service House, in particular, and this wonderful place that we are inaugurating today is the result.” The party ended with a friendship drink offered by the city.

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You can find information or book a room at the “Rucher Portésien” by calling or by emailing: [email protected].

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